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It starts with expertise...and trust.

Just as your patients trust your experience, you can trust the expertise of Partners Bank of California. Our Healthcare Banking Specialists are trained and experienced to provide highly specialized lending, accounts and treasury management solutions that are created and implemented for the often unique needs and demands of physicians and healthcare professionals.

Your practice takes care of your patients' health...and Partners will take care of your practice's financial health.

Whether you're a small single-physician office of a large multi-partner clinic, Partners will provide custom-tailored banking and financing services that healthcare providers count on from us every day.

Healthcare Banking solutions from Partners Bank include:

...all implemented and executed with the utmost in personalized care and service as well as very little disruption to your day-to-day business. Our Healthcare Banking Specialists will be with you every step of the way and throughout every aspect of your banking relationship with Partners. Other banks provide these services, but what makes Partners different?

Specialization - Partners focuses implementation of these services through our Healthcare Banking Specialists who are uniquely experienced in servicing the business and financial services needs of healthcare providers and physicians.

Experience - Partners has an extensive track record of successfully serving the banking needs of many long-standing physicians' offices in Orange County. We 'get it'. We understand the healthcare financial management culture and demand of that environment - for effective banking solutions. Partners has a long history of being closely tied to the medical community in Orange County. We are proud that multiple members of our Board of Directors are physicians and leaders in the Southern California medical community. They know and understand how important it is for a bank to provide suitable and efficient solutions for the healthcare provider market. Our Board is instrumental in guiding the bank's philosophy and Healthcare Banking business model accordingly.

Efficient Implementation - Partners Bank has created a banking relationship transition program that is as efficient and seamless as possible for our clients. Our Healthcare Banking transition protocol is a system specifically designed to facilitate moving a medical banking relationship to Partners from another institution, with a total focus on your practice’s financial management needs and as little disruption to your daily operations as possible. Our Healthcare Banking Specialists and support team are with the client every step of the way and throughout the lifetime of the banking relationship, providing comprehensive and focused assistance to all members of the client’s office and financial management team. Our team will be on-site to ensure a smooth transition and that all expectations are exceeded.

Interested in Healthcare Banking by Partners Bank for your medical office? Give one of our Healthcare Banking Specialists a call today at (949) 732-4064. Let's talk about how Partners Bank can help connect you with success!


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'Concierge Style' Banking with Efficient and Seamless Account Transition

Healthcare Banking from Partners offers a unique and differentiated business banking solution, customized for the needs and requirements of physicians and healthcare providers. The products and services we provide are very similar and competitive to other banks, however what sets Partners apart lies in our experience, background, implementation and most importantly, our people. We provide specialization with a focus on efficient implementation of our services through Healthcare Banking specialists and relationship managers, who are uniquely experienced in servicing the business banking needs of healthcare providers. We also come from a position of experience, possessing an extensive track record of successfully servicing and maintaining the banking needs of many long-standing physicians’ offices in Orange County.

Specialized, Value-Added Account Analysis Checking Accounts

Medical FinanceStay on top of your practice's spending habits, deposits, withdrawals and cash flow with Healthcare Banking Analysis Checking from Partners. With our analysis solution, you can expect extremely competitive pricing on all your business banking services. Closely monitoring and analyzing your account activity enables us to help you save money too! Analysis Checking is the best value for healthcare businesses with high balances and a higher volume of checking account activity, because you'll earn credits to offset transaction fees and lower costs.

Specialized Lines of Credit and Loans

Partners provides a full array of lending products for the specific needs of physicians and medical groups, including practice buy-in loans, lines of credit, equipment financing and commercial real estate purchase/re-finance...delivered with a the unique consultative approach and experience that you can count on from Partners Bank.

Business Online Banking

Banking transactions made easy and fast with online access. Our online banking system gives you 24/7 access with unlimited online bill payments from the convenience of your office or home. Business Online Banking and cash management solutions from Partners Bank lets you do virtually all your banking online. It’s convenient, safe and secure. Best of all, it frees you up to do what you do best…focus on your next business challenge. Business Online Banking delivers a high performance online cash management tool with next-generation features that efficiently enhances your business banking experience…all from wherever you conduct your business.

Remote Deposit Capture

We bring the bank to your medical office via Remote Deposit Capture technology. You can lower your costs, extend deposit deadlines and get faster availability of funds via our Merchant Capture Service. Scan checks and create deposits conveniently and securely - all from your office, without a trip to the bank.

Lock Box Services

With Partners Bank Lock Box services, your practice gets its own personal mailbox for patient's payments. We'll scan your checks, deposit them efficiently and quickly, and provide the account reports you need. You'll have easy-to-use web access so you can see exactly what's been processed and keep on top of payment processing status every business day. Your employees will never have to touch a check payment because we take care of the payment processing for you.

Merchant Services

The right merchant services credit card processing for your practice can expedite your settlement, reduce cost and improve cash flow. Through a consultative approach to your practice's credit and debit card payment processing needs, Partners will facilitate a vendor partnership that's the right fit.

Money Market

With Money Market accounts from Partners Bank, you can count on a deposit solution that puts your money to work for you - by providing a savings account with the liquidity and access of a checking account; with a highly competitive interest rate (APY).